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With the launch of FlippAR Go, we have given history lovers and travel enthusiasts a new lens to explore the world. Our newest feature of AR spheres brings monuments straight into your palms.

The latest AR experience on FlippAR Go teleports you to your favourite heritage site around the world. Well, almost.

An AR Sphere is a bubble that allows you to have a 360-degree view of any historical site through your phone. This feature gives you a better idea of the place you wish to visit, helping you plan your travel better. It is also a fun way to explore sites that are otherwise inaccessible.

Teleport yourself to a whole new dimension. Download the app here

Wondering how you can experience this? Read on…

(Before we begin, make sure you have enough open and clear space to move around comfortably – without bumping into objects around)

Pick a monument or point of interest from the app. Launch FlippAR Go on your phone and select the same. If it’s St. Mark’s church, for instance, go to the M.G. Road trail and select the same. Once you’ve reached here, scroll further down and open the tile – “A 360 View of the Cathedral”.

As you hold your phone in front of you, you can see a bubble on your screen (some places may have more than one bubble). Walk towards the bubble, and into it and voila! You are now inside the church looking at its sky-high ceiling and elegant architecture.

And just like that, you can almost teleport yourself to any heritage site, be it the glorious ruins of Hampi, or the lush lawns of Cubbon Park, from absolutely anywhere in the world. With AR Spheres, you can carry the whole world on your phone.

Well, we seriously hope you have the  app on your phone by now! If not, download the app and get privy to an assortment of AR adventures.

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