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Being featured in the Economic Times had many people wondering what FlippAR Go was planning to do to improve tourism in Karnataka. Well, to put things in perspective, the heritage sites of Karnataka will be given a twist with AR.

From granite pillars that produce musical notes to stunning domes to rare temples, from the royal heritage to the rare temples, a journey across Karnataka is nothing short of fulfilling.

Weathering, war, habitation and tourist tampering – some reasons why you can’t view them in their full splendour. However, extensive work is being done towards restoring, maintaining and developing these sites through combined efforts of both the Government of Karnataka and the Tourism Board of Karnataka. There were, of course, roadblocks and there were challenges. 

The board and the govt. sought innovative ideas to enhance tourists’ experience for which they invited solutions from different companies. This is where FlippAR stepped in. FlippAR was invited to the conference and selected to take on the challenge. FlippAR, along with the Government of Karnataka, and the Tourism Board of Karnataka, set out to identify the hidden gems in the state.

Twenty sites across the state were selected. The aim was to bring to life the state’s rich heritage that spans a period of over 1000 years, through augmented reality. 

Many months of intensive research (NOT Wikipedia – by which we mean that many weeks on the road into the hinterland, sunburns, catching up on sleep in buses or trains, boat rides and stomach bugs, overcoming many phobias – claustrophobia, agoraphobia, vertigo, insects and reptiles. We’re not kidding about research.) went into creating the content for FlippAR.

Today, FlippAR has launched the country’s first ever AR-enabled travel app, FlippAR Go, which lists the stories of these 20 heritage sites, amongst many others. FlippAR Go acts as your travel companion and helps you explore these places through stories narrated in the form of video, audio, and pictures.

The interactive content on the app further helps you experience stuff, otherwise inaccessible. Use it to listen to the musical pillars at Hampi, which are now closed for tourists or see the Queen’s bath as it was in its original avatar or have fun while taking a selfie flaunting a virtual petta at the Mysore palace.

Here’s the list of the Karnataka 20 we’ve got covered for you and what you can look forward to seeing there:

  • Kalburgi Fort, a Persian piece of architecture belonging to the Bahmani Sultanate, hosts one of the world’s largest cannon.
  • Bidar Karez Systems & Ashtoor Tombs are another set of marvels left behind by the Bahmani Sultanate. The Tombs revel in their salient architecture, whereas the karez boasts of being one of the most widespread water distribution systems in India.
  • Malked Fort belonged to the Rashtrakuta Empire, and is located in the Gulbarga District.
  • And while you are paying your visits to the Gulbarga district, you might want to drop by at the village of Chowdadanapura.
  • Travelling to the beautiful city of Vijayapura, we explore the many monuments it has to offer, including the Karez system, and the famous Gol Gumbaz.
  • FlippAR Go also covers over 15 historical points of interest across Hampi, including a large number of temples and a beautifully constructed Queen’s bath.
  • The caves temples in Badami, which date back to the reign of the Chalukya empire, and are famous for their beautiful architecture and intricate carvings.
  • Bengaluru’s beloved Nandibetta, or Nandi Hills, is also covered by the app. Points of interest include, Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace, and the Bhoganandishwara Temple situated in the Nandi Village.
  • In Mysuru, FlippAR covers the vibrant stories of the Wodeyar dynasty which lay behind the famous Mysore Palace; and points of interest along Chamundi Hills.
  • The fortress at Srirangapatna that gained major traction during the rule of the celebrated South Indian ruler, Tipu Sultan.
  • The temple town of Shravanabelagola, is of great religious value to the Jain community for its 57 feet statue of Lord Bahubali, and hosts a grand festival of Mahamastakabhisheka every 12 years.
  • The beautiful Yadgir Fort of the Yadavas is another attraction which you can explore using FlippAR Go.
  • Chitradurga Fort is a hill-top fortress which belonged to rulers from Chalukya, Hoysala, Nayakas, and the Vijayanagar Empire.
  • Melukote is known for its religious heritage and hosts the annual 13-day grand celebration called “Vairamudi Brahmotsava” attracting over 400,000 devotees.
  • Next are the towns of Beluru and Halibidu, which proudly hosts beautiful religious architecture in the form of temples.
  • The humble Devanahalli Fort is a short distance from the Bangalore City. and is closely linked to the Tiger of Mysore, Tipu Sultan.
  • The key attraction at Banavasi is a 9th Century temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The town also hosts many other temples, and its annual December festival Kadambothsava.
  • Lakkundi is a centre for many basadis or Jain Temples, all of which showcase beautiful intricate engravings.
  • With FlippAR Go, you can explore the origins of the river Kaveri at Talakaveri – a sacred religious spot for many believers.
  • And lastly, for our history buffs, we have the archeological minefield called Sannathi – a historical site hosting archeological finds like edicts from Ashoka’s reign, as well as sculptures and artefacts, which can be found in the Gulbarga museum.

Look out for the FlippAR Go trails at most of these locations. The app also covers multiple locations across the city of Bengaluru. Be sure to download the app and make your next holiday memorable with AR.

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