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Heritage of Bangalore – Holy Trinity Church is one of the oldest. It is located at the east end of the famous MG Road in Bangalore. It was built in 1851 by the East India Company for the British regiment. The church is built in the English Renaissance style. It is considered the largest military church in south India.

Located at the east end of the famous MG Road in Bangalore, the Holy Trinity Church stands tall with its lofty tower and pillars. It was built in 1851 by the East India Company to meet the demand raised by the British regiment. The church is a typical example of the English Renaissance style of architecture and is considered the largest military church in south India today.


To cater to the needs of the English regiment stationed in Bangalore, the East India Company decided to build a second church in the city, against their ‘one-station-one-church’ policy. The foundation stone for the church was laid in 1848 at the spot chosen by Bishop Corrie. After the construction that took more than four years, the church was finally consecrated in July 1852 and opened on 8 August 1852. The Holy Trinity Garrison Pastorate, as it was known then, was taken over by the Indian military personnel after independence. In 1965, it was renamed the Holy Trinity Church and was renovated later.


The church is built in the beautiful English Renaissance style. The furnishing and embellishments of the Trinity Church were designed by Rev W W Lutyens. It was built up with several imports brought in from England, including the pulpit. The cross was presented by Queen Victoria’s own West Kent Regiment, in memory of the ones who died when the unit was based in Bangalore. The spacious church with its tall tower and pillars can accommodate up to 700 people at a time. The church has walls lined with marble murals and tablets that honour its great people and has stained glass windows.


It is commonly believed that Winston Churchill, the famous political figure of Britain, began his military career in Bangalore before moving to Afghanistan. He is said to have been a parishioner of the Holy Trinity Church during his stay in the city.


The prayer hall and the altar make a magnificent sight. There are wooden carvings of pairs of angels on the roof above the choir pews. The altar symbolizes the angels guarding the Holy of the Holies. The bright-coloured stained glass window depicting the baptism of Jesus was brought in from London, along with the baptismal pond. Even the bell at the church was cast by the Mears Foundry of London back in 1847.

The furnishing inside the church itself is quite noteworthy. All of it is of high quality, evident from the fact that these remain beautiful and intact even today. It can also be found that the front pews have brass plates mentioning the people they were reserved for, including the Commanding Officers of the Regiments and the Staff Officers of the cantonment.


MG Road where the church stays adjacent to is a sought out destination for shoppers. A stroll along the road is sure to not be disappointing. The Kempegowda museum and the Government Aquarium are also nearby. For a relaxed evening outdoors, Cubbon Park also stays open to visitors, around 3 kms away from Trinity Church.


The best time to visit would be during Christmas as in this time of the year, the church is at its best. It attracts large crowds of devotees as well as tourists during the Christmas times.

Cover Image courtesy: By Rev. Frank Penny [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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