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At FlippAR, we are a bunch of history buffs and travel enthusiasts. Introduced as an augmented reality travel app, FlippAR Go aims to work as your personal travel guide – one you can rely on – for all your travel information. Thereby transforming your travel experience.

We were delighted to receive a flood of support and appreciation from them.

Last month, FlippAR Go was listed on SteemHunt by the user @naijaguy, and our happiness knew no bounds when we received a flood of support and appreciation from the community.

SteemHunt, is an online portal where users share their latest finds in technology, by reviewing new or lesser known apps or services available in the market. Members of the community can interact and extend support through upvotes and comments, as well as monetary contributions in the form of cryptocurrency.

While many users at SteemHunt were intrigued by the AR features, others were relieved to find a single app for all their travel questions. Here are a few of the comments which absolutely made our day:

@gold84 was rather kind to make us a pros-and-cons list for FlippAR Go:

“Hi @naijaguy, this is a great hunt!


Innovative augmented reality project combined with the smartphone.

It’s available for android and Apple OS

A great idea to help people learn on the go


Do not see any for now.”

– @gold84

The history-philes LOVE FlippAR Go for its ease of use to access any kind of information about monuments they visit:

“This is what I need, every time when I travel and see a monument I wonder about a lot of things. With the help of this application all questions will be answered. Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful app.”

– @keyprodo

And talking about information, users @joythewanderer, @alex3883 and @ray147880 expressed how FlippAR Go simplifies the process of exploring a new place or heritage site:

“Nice hunt @naijaguy. This lovely app helps travellers to discover a destination much easier than the current maps. Keep it up!”

– @joythewanderer

“The app is very good and useful for travellers. It integrates the AR technology and let you see the things around you in a different way with a detailed description. It is convenient and fast to know the story behind.”

– @alex3883

“This product is very good for me because I love travelling and I hate following a tour guide. With this stuff, I can know more about the story behind the monuments in a faster and convenient way.”

– @ray147880

A big shoutout to all our users and reviewers for their kind support. Creating an app like FlippAR Go has been nothing short of an adventure and hearing such words of appreciation makes all our efforts, worthwhile. Oh! by the way, have you tried our app yet?

Thank you!

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